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Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

Empathic Artificial Intelligence

The most relevant trends for the years to come.

The pandemic has established new priorities in the field of Customer Experience. The latest technological innovations have suddenly become relevant.

This is because the need to focus economic activities on digital touchpoints has necessitated an accelerated development of virtual contact and relationship tools.  

Not surprisingly, technologies that try to imitate human skills in making choices - i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - are those that have seen the greatest growth in the different application scenarios. 

In this report we highlight the applications that we consider most relevant for the immediate and near future.

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Digital Customer Experience

The DCX 7 Steps Checklist

The best customer experience in 7 steps.

How did the user change today? How does it move along the customer journey? What would they like to receive and feel? What do they ask brands as a reward for their loyalty?

We try to answer these questions through our user manual to decrypt the digital experience of today's users. 

Seven steps to keep in mind when developing content creation, branding, digital design and also physical strategies.


Digital Customer Experience | Digital Transformation

Digital Innovation in Retail & Fashion

10 key factors fon an Empathic Customer Experience

The fashion industry is one of those sector that really need to continuously innovate their product offerings and experiences: every year, every season, every day must be unique.

For fashion the customer is always at the center, because it is the customer himself who uses what he wears every day to communicate to the world who he is.

But today, as we live in digital, the role and meaning of what we wear has changed profoundly. As the public has moved to digital, so must fashion: but how and in what forms?

We tell you about it along a 10-point path, specifically designed to describe the future of the digital customer experience for the fashion industry.


Digital Customer Experience

The 7 pillars of the new customer loyalty

Loyalty your customers to create an indestructible asset for tomorrow.

Digital technology has deeply changed the market scenario in the last ten years. The pace of this change, accelerated by the advent of the smartphone and the dawn of a new generation of digital customers, has disoriented many companies, which continue to invest in inefficient and ineffective customer acquisition and retention programs.

In this document we will tell you about the 7 pillars that each company must keep in mind today in order to offer valuable experiences to its customers. The goal is to re-engage and make brand ambassadors a generation - that of millennials - that seems disillusioned.


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