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Empowering organizations to discover customers’ needs and desires, helping them in their digital transformation. Enterprise-class tools to grow the value of customers.

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Planning, collaborating, and improving together: our Team guides and supports every customer in its digital journey, creating an effective and long-lasting strategy.

Learn how to blend empathy in technology: the major shift that is changing the digital experience industry.

Social Network and Blockchain. Control in User's hands.

Today, another trend is taking shape, aiming to involve people more and more in this technology: the use of the Blockchain within social networks. The distributed database is used both to guarantee the security of users' data and to enable secure in-app virtual payments without banking intermediaries.

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2019 was a year full of satisfactions for Neosperience

2019 was a year full of satisfactions for Neosperience. Our best expectations have finally taken shape, transporting us into a new universe of growth and infinite possibilities. In this article, we will try to synthesize 12 intense but rewarding months.

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Neosperience Tourism Cloud, China and digital tourism in Italy

In the future, a double-digit growth in visitors from China is expected. Today the Italian hospitality facilities must adapt to a market that is profoundly different from the Italian one. To support this process, Neosperience has decided to develop the Neosperience Tourism Cloud, a platform for customizing and digitizing the tourist experience.

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