Neosperience | Empathy in technology

Understand, engage and grow your customers, using personalization to deliver relevant experiences that increase conversion, purchase, and loyalty.

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 Neosperience Cloud is ideal for marketers and entrepreneurs of companies of every size who want to:

  • Deeply understand their customers and be more useful to them by delivering relevant digital experiences.
  • Delight customers by delivering relevant experiences across mobile, web, in-store.
  • Maintain their Brand identity and increase value as platforms like Amazon, Google and Facebook drive up disintermediation and make companies unintentional utilities.
  • Keep pace with the variety of devices and interaction models available to customers to overcome complexity and costs associated with the alignment of apps, web apps, social media and conversational interfaces.
The smartphone is a proxy of your customer, and customer experience defines your organization’s success. Neosperience empowers you to connect with your digital customers where and when it matters most, understanding their uniqueness: when they discover products, consider a purchase, place an order, use what they have bought, and share the experience.
  • With Neosperience Cloud you can optimize the experience for every customer, in every situation, on every screen:
    • Engaging and intuitive apps, web apps and conversational interfaces, that learn and act unsupervised.
    • Personalized and context-aware services, based on the analysis of your client's personality, cognitive style, behavior and emotions.
    • Consistent brand experience across your digital touchpoints and APIs, on which partners can build further capabilities to your benefit.
  • Improve targeting and delivery:
    • Hyper-personalized and relevant product and content recommendations.
    • Real-time, conversational relationship with customers.
    • Contextual experiences, incorporating psychological, situational, and behavioral factors.
  • Improve customer support:
    • Higher revenue and customer value through superior operations.
    • Real-time customer insight, in/out the store.
    • Digital customer self-service options.
  • Achieve faster time-to-market and improved agility:
    • Increased flexibility and synchronization across sales channels.
    • Less effort to make changes, more frequent releases, continuous optimization.
    • Higher speed of redesign.
  • Improve IT manageability with the first digital experience platform built on Amazon Web Services:
    • Reduced costs to support evolution, changes, and legacy systems.
    • Cost-effective and light app technology.
    • Cloud-based integration among multiple systems.
Delivered as a service, reliable, scalable, secure and with a robust evolution path, Neosperience Cloud gets constantly improved with new features, to help you evolve your digital experience capabilities to the next level:

  • Proactive engagement, personalized product and content in right-time, on the device/channel your customers are using, with a consistent brand experience across your apps, web apps, chatbots and websites.
  • Unsupervised targeting and delivery, with timely and relevant product recommendations that are key to surviving in the digital market.
  • Customer insight, online and at the physical point-of-sale, with customer self-service options.
  • Customer support with artificial intelligence-assisted, conversational interfaces.
  • API layer and management tools to let you expose your business to the digital world.
  • Faster time-to-market, improved agility and manageability.

discover neosperience cloud  learn more

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