internet station

Digital Customer Experience, Human Technology

10 Ways The Internet Has Changed The Way We Live (And Do Business)

Neosperience Team6 Min 41 Sec

vigna all'alba

Human Technology

Italian Wineries and the next year opportunities

Neosperience Team5 Min 45 Sec

Human Technology, Machine Learning

Smart Agriculture: seizing the opportunities of a growing sector

Neosperience Team4 Min 17 Sec

5 tips lead generation

Human Technology

5 tips for an effective Lead Generation

Neosperience Team4 Min 14 Sec

Digital Customer Experience

Digital Opportunities for Furniture and Design Industries

Neosperience Team7 Min 26 Sec

virtual exhibition

Human Technology

Virtual Exhibition: Neosperience and Value China for your B2B event

Neosperience Team2 Min 59 Sec


Human Technology, Machine Learning

Together to defeat Covid-19 thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Join the initiative #defeatcovid19

Neosperience Team2 Min 25 Sec

Digital Customer Experience, Machine Learning, Neuromarketing

Sentient Technology: feelings through sensors

Neosperience Team3 Min 3 Sec

Digital Customer Experience, Human Technology

Digital Health. Last Trends and the Nestore’s case

Neosperience Team3 Min 36 Sec

Neos People

Empathy Party: an opportunity to get to know the new Neosperience

Neosperience Team1 Min 6 Sec

social network blockchain

Digital Customer Experience, Human Technology

Social Network and Blockchain. Control in User’s hands

Neosperience Team2 Min 56 Sec

Listing 2019

Human Technology, Neos People

2019 was a year full of satisfactions for Neosperience

Neosperience Team1 Min 55 Sec

turismo cinese

Digital Customer Experience, Human Technology

Neosperience Tourism Cloud, China and digital tourism in Italy

Neosperience Team3 Min 13 Sec

Human Technology, Machine Learning

AI and Photography; beauty lies in the programmers’ eyes

Neosperience Team3 Min 25 Sec

Neos People

RealDreams: how Technology meets Art

Neosperience Team2 Min 26 Sec

Machine Learning, Neuromarketing

What is Psychographics? An overview and the User Insight practical case

Neosperience Team3 Min 24 Sec

Machine Learning

Music and Artificial Intelligence. Please don’t shoot the piano player

Neosperience Team3 Min 47 Sec

Change neon light signage

Digital Customer Experience

The 4 Cornerstones of a Digital Business Transformation

Neosperience Team3 Min 26 Sec

Machine Learning

RF-Pose: a motion capture technology that sees beyond the walls

Neosperience Team3 Min 57 Sec

Red arrow on wall

Machine Learning

Crisis Management: how the AI can take part on it successfully

Neosperience Team3 Min 56 Sec

Hand holding a circular lamp

Human Technology, Machine Learning

The dark side of tech’s ethics

Neosperience Team2 Min 29 Sec


Create Emotional Connections With Your Customers Using Data

Neosperience Team3 Min 33 Sec

The Bad is the Service of the Great

Digital Customer Experience

Customer Satisfaction: “The Bad is the Service of the Great”

Neosperience Team3 Min 33 Sec

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