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Brand Experience Tailor Made

Psychography in the Fashion & Luxury sectors

04/03/2021 17:00 - 18:00

Today people are exposed to an enormous amount of information.

Their attention span has plummeted. Brands, in order to regain market relevance, must therefore find new ways to create valuable relationships with customers, deepening public knowledge and offering personalized content, products, and experiences. To do this, one solution is psychographic profiling.

During the webinar we will provide you with scientifically validated examples and information regarding the influence of psychographic characteristics in guiding purchasing preferences and decisions.

We will also show the Neosperience User Insight solution: the software based on Artificial Intelligence that allows users to derive subjective characteristics based on the analysis of their digital behavior.
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Vision & Solutions

Neosperience | ADChange | Myti

Lead Generation: outlook for tomorrow

Today Lead Generation is in the hands of digital intermediaries. It is imperative for companies to equip themselves with tools to reduce the acquisition costs of professional customers and to establish a direct, empathetic, and not mediated relationship with them.

Starting from this premise, we will tell the context, best practices and how some solutions can support companies in overcoming this cliff, gaining new customers on digital in total autonomy.
Neosperience | SOMOS

Digital vs Covid: our solutions

Even in Italy - without endangering the privacy of citizens - is it possible to use technology intelligently to ensure compliance with security regulations?

Yes, and this webinar - organized jointly by Neosperience and SOMOS - is dedicated to the presentation of technological solutions useful in the fight against Covid-19, enriched by practical use cases and by the story of successes achieved on the ground.
Neosperience | AWS | Benetton Group

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience

During this webinar, in collaboration with AWS, we talk about the development of the customer experience on digital touchpoints, and how it can be improved thanks to intelligent and empathic technologies.

The focal point is AI and its role as a facilitator of brand-user relations. To demonstrate this, we recount the User Insight case study - our solution for user data analysis - applied to the digital channels of the United Colors of Benetton brand.
Neosperience | AWS

Building empathic relationships with digital

The first webinar that explores opportunities to establish direct and empathetic relationships with customers, create value and improve revenues and sales margins.

Piermarco Raimondo, Account Manager Amazon Web Services, specializing in Retail & GDO, and Dario Melpignano, CEO of Neosperience, hold this webinar.

Enterprise & Digital Transformation

Neosperience Lab | Banca Valsabbina | Sebastiano Barisoni

A new way to innovate

Neosperience Lab is a new innovative SME - unique in the national landscape - specifically set up by Neosperience to share investments and business risks with companies to accelerate the launch of their new digital dimensions.
Neosperience | Alisea | AWS

Artificial Intelligence and Industry

Together with Alisea - the leading italian company in the hygienic management of air systems - and Amazon Web Services, in this webinar we tried to answer some of the most common questions among companies approaching AI for the first time, also providing some examples of projects carried out by our company.


Neosperience | ASSI

Technology and AI in Health: challenges of Covid

In this webinar organized together with ASSI we will tell the future of Health in the light of the pandemic: what has changed in the common perception? Which technologies have seen the greatest development? How will our relationship with care pathways evolve?

We will tell you about it through the projects carried out in the last year, in which we have put into practice innovation and the patient-centric vision that distinguishes us.


Value China |

Chinese tourism at the time of Covid-19

Luca Qiu, CEO of Value China, and Antonella Orlandi, of Italy China Tourism, analyze the current situation in China and Italy, what can be done now for tourism and why it is necessary to continue focusing on China.
NeosVoc | innexHub

The future of digital tourism

What are the dangers that a tourism operator faces today? How can you grow in the future, attract audiences and gain appreciation through digital channels? Alice Melpignano spoke about this and more during the innexHUB event on Lake Garda.

Solution Architecture

Neosperience Architecture

Introduction to Serverless architectures

Luca Bianchi, CTO Neosperience, in this video tells the unique characteristics of serverless architectures, and what are the advantages that over the years we have experienced for the development of our native solutions.
Neosperience Architecture

Neosperience Cloud Architecture

Luca Bianchi, CTO Neosperience, in this in-depth study explains the architecture of Neosperience Cloud, its functionality and uniqueness from a technological point of view.

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