Velux - Channel Bridging

Channel Bridging: creating a value chain

Through a structured Channel Bridging project, which involved the company's Lead Management processes and was based on the analysis of qualitative data generated along the distribution chain, we offered Velux the opportunity to control the value chain, deepening its knowledge of the end customer while qualifying installers as trusted professionals.

The Danish Velux Group, which has been in business for more than 75 years, is one of the world's best-known brands in the building materials sector and ranks as number one among roof window manufacturers, not only because of the wide range of products and services it offers but also because of its innovative approach, respect for the environment and attention to the quality of life inside the home. The Velux Group, which boasts production sites in 9 countries and sales branches in more than 40 countries, has been present on the Italian market as Velux Italia S.p.A. since 1977, based in the futuristic facility in Colognola ai Colli (VR), where it employs more than 120 people, and throughout the country with a widespread network of more than 2,000 retailers.



Regaining control of the value chain

Velux needed to acquire value chain governance, intercepting and analyzing quality data from end customers and the network of retailers and installers.
This activity was made particularly complex because of a highly articulated distribution channel consisting of building centers, window and door fitters, curtain wallers, and do-it-yourself centers to which thousands of installers belong. A widespread model in the durable goods sector generates considerable fragmentation of contact points between the brand, stakeholders, and the end customer. Since 2016, the company has been on a journey to rethink its customer experience with different goals, including:

  • transform the network of installers into a group of Certified Professionals that customers could trust;
  • create a direct relationship with end customers so as to make it easier for them to choose their products;
  • equipping the installer network with the digital tools needed to speed up the conversion of opportunities;
  • increase governance of data, especially native data, generated by the supply chain.


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