MutuiSi - CMS+CRM

CMS+CRM to qualify leads in record time

Through the creation of an innovative website built on the CMS integrated CRM platform and a series of sophisticated configurators, we provided MutuiSi with a technologically advanced tool to qualify users through a "do-it-yourself" online pathway, ranging from requesting information to generating the best mortgage quote based on the offerings of multiple partner banks.

MutuiSi was founded in 2011 with the goal of offering customers an online mortgage brokerage service, always up-to-date and totally free. In 2020, it became part of Monety srl, a Gabetti Group company, effectively becoming the digital identity of Monety with a daily traffic of about 3,000 users who want to compare the best mortgage offers on the market, be updated on news from the mortgage world, have access to guides and many other useful information.



A user-friendly, interactive website

MutuiSi needed to revamp its website by promoting fresh, youthful branding with a focus on the customer experience offered. The goal was to translate the complexity of applying for a mortgage into a "do-it-yourself" online path that, through successive steps of contact profiling, would arrive at the generation of a real quote with simple steps that could be easily understood in all details even by the less experienced in financial matters.
At the same time, it was necessary to include in the process the collection of as much information about the applicant as possible, so as to transmit already profiled contacts to the banks and streamline the paperwork for mortgage finalization The whole process had to take place in the shortest possible time to get ahead of competitors and secure the fee agreed with the bank.


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