Mattei - Digital Empowerment

Digital Empowerment: new power to contact management

Through a strategic process of wide-ranging digital transformation, we supported Mattei's needs by introducing an innovative CRM intended to optimize corporate data governance worldwide. We also redesigned the company's website to improve the customer experience and enhance the brand image from a "green" perspective.

Founded in 1919, Mattei designs, manufactures and markets rotary vane compressors internationally. This innovative and patented technology has made the company a reference in the compressed air industry worldwide, with subsidiaries in the United States, China, France, Germany, and Great Britain, as well as representative offices in Russia, Spain, and Singapore and numerous business partners in the rest of the world.



Taking full advantage of digital opportunities

Mattei wanted to increase channel profitability by resolving the lack of a single view of sales results and process performance and quickly regaining governance of its corporate data. The Mattei Group's broad international reach resulted in dozens of salespeople and subsidiaries and representative offices around the world: the consequence was a fragmentation of marketing, sales, and customer service processes and the proliferation of disparate data collected in silos that did not communicate with each other. An additional need was to enhance digital communication channels, first and foremost the website, to provide customers with effective tools to educate and inform them about the benefits of Mattei's patented technology and consolidate brand reliability by associating it with the innovative attitude and the critical commitment to reducing climate-changing emissions.


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