Haier - B2B2C Websites

From site re-design to content strategy: quality tools for B2B2C

Through careful identification of the desires of consumers, retailers and installers and the capabilities of our evolved Rubin Red platform, we supported Haier in expanding its market in Italy and Europe through the evolution of the digital customer experience and the creation of a virtual showroom for the presentation of the company's main product lines.

Haier, the world's leading brand in the home appliance market, has been pursuing a clear and defined mission for more than four decades: to manufacture and distribute products of high quality and reliability, always putting the customer and his or her daily needs at the center. A philosophy that guides the Chinese company and is expressed in a strong focus on innovation, scrupulous quality control, and a "Zero Distance" approach that defines the close connection with the public.



More power to digital to increase presence and interaction

The collaboration with Haier was born in response to the brand's need to develop an innovative customer experience in the Italian and European markets, starting with the construction of an effective, fresh and engaging online communication related to air conditioning products and then expanding to the creation of a European virtual showroom for the presentation of the product range. A parallel request was to build a service tool for retailers and installers, enabling them to access up-to-date technical product documentation at any time and from anywhere.



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