Gruppo San Donato - Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation to succeed with efficiency and flexibility

We supported Gruppo San Donato in the implementation of a complex project to centralize IT operations, actively working to introduce and promote the adoption of the Agile methodology, aimed at improving efficiency and flexibility in meeting the complex needs of the healthcare field.

Gruppo San Donato is a leading private hospital group in Italy, with as many as 56 facilities counting a diagnostic center and nineteen hospitals in Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna. Founded in 1957, the Group is today a symbol of excellence in healthcare, both in clinical activity and in scientific research. Innovation, humanity and sustainability are the cardinal principles that guide the strategic choices of Gruppo San Donato, which constantly invests in the training of medical personnel and in cutting-edge technologies.


Effectively centralize IT process management

Several years ago, Gruppo San Donato decided to centralize the management of its IT processes, which were previously managed by each of the Group's facilities. The need was to converge flows and data within a single system in order to improve the efficiency of the services offered, with a view to maximizing patient care. It was also necessary to create a single point of access for all reservations, whether requested by individual providers or their clients, and to activate a series of new functions.


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