TeamSystem - Digital Sales Enablement

Digital Sales Enablement: programmed to sell

Through a sophisticated Digital Sales Enablement project, we supported TeamSystem in solving the difficulties of managing customer inquiries and reports present in the CRM and derived from the different channels. In this way, we accompanied TeamSystem on a path of reorganization of sales processes, which enabled the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing ones, while also promoting upselling actions.

TeamSystem Group is one of Italy's leading providers of management software for professionals and companies. Since its inception in 1979, it has stood out for its strong dynamism, which has led it to grow steadily at rates well above the average rates of the national Information Technology market. Today the group has a network of more than 550 facilities scattered throughout the country, divided into Software Partners and direct offices, and boasts more than 1.4 million loyal customers.



Making sales processes efficient

TeamSystem complained of an inefficient sales process and difficulties in handling inquiries and reports that enter the CRM system daily through multiple channels.
In fact, not only does TeamSystem have a very heterogeneous audience (from microenterprise to enterprise), but sales are handled through a mix of traditional (sales agents), telephone (call center operators), and online (e-commerce) channels.
It was necessary to develop a Digital Sales Enablement project with the goal of reorganizing sales processes, acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones, while also promoting upselling actions.


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