Novaresine - Enterprise Resource Planning

From standard to limitless performance

We helped Novaresine move from a management system based on a make-to-order approach to a solution that would allow it to break out of the rigid boundaries of the previous model and meet the dynamic needs of the company.

For over thirty years Novaresine has been dedicated to the research and production of highly innovative resins for the coatings market, meeting the needs of various sectors such as Can & Coil, Architecture and Decoration, Transportation and Wood. Located in the province of Verona, the company's 80,000 sq. m. production plant is the heart of a continuous research and development process aimed at ensuring high product quality, characterized by the involvement of qualified professionals and state-of-the-art technologies. Novaresine offers solutions for coatings, metal packaging, coil, industrial coatings, metal and wood, with a focus on sustainability and technological innovation. These features reflect Novaresine's commitment to sustainable manufacturing and resin production, developed through advanced research into new sustainable raw materials from renewable and recycled sources, without compromising performance.



A highly versatile tool

Novaresine was facing some limitations due to the use of a management system that was not fully adapted to its specific operational needs. The pre-existing system, although structured, was mainly configured around the make-to-order model and therefore did not offer the flexibility required to dynamically adapt to the company's unique processes. The need for a management system that combined strict adherence to best practices with the ability to adapt nimbly to the needs of a midsize company led us to rely on the functionality and features of SAP Business One. The platform's ability to be continuously upgraded was an additional reason for our choice, as it ensures that the company has a system that is in line with the latest technological and business developments.


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