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Clerici and Neosperience: a successful partnership for Digitization and Innovation

We helped Clerici digitize a large product database, making complex and difficult-to-extract information instantly accessible. This challenge turned into an opportunity for innovation that significantly improved the company's operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Clerici Group, based in Brescia, has been operating on the Italian market for the distribution of sanitary ware and bathroom furnishings since 1948. It developed into a network of 19 commercial companies, more than 100 retail points and 60 showrooms. Dynamism, modernity and respect for the environment are the guiding principles of the Clerici Group and its companies, while innovation and experimentation are an integral part of the company's DNA, offering customers a safe and empathic experience.
The Group's commitment to quality and values has led to the selection of Made in Italy products and suppliers that follow best practices in terms of ethics, health, safety and respect for the environment. A widespread presence throughout the territory and a strategy of targeted acquisitions of companies with already loyal customers have enabled Clerici to become a leader in the Italian market for the distribution of plumbing products and bathroom furnishings.



Making complex information accessible

Clerici needed to digitize STORM's vast database of plumbing products and implement a system that would improve the management of financial and commercial data. The catalog, which consisted of thousands of pages and codes, was particularly hard to navigate, making it difficult to find the information needed. In addition, Clerici wanted to improve decision-making processes through better analysis of business data.

In summary, the goals of the project were to:

  • digitize the entire STORM catalog, making it accessible and easy to consult;
  • improve internal and sales-related processes;
  • provide an intuitive interface that would allow natural language text searches;
  • stay on budget and on time.


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