Qucino - Digital Marketplace

Challenge - Renewing the digital offer

The partnership between the Neosperience group and Assogi, a network of companies highly specialized in the production of professional catering supplies, stems from the need to innovate the go-to-market model using the digital channel.

Solution - Rubin Red®

The solution created for Assogi is a marketplace where the equipment of the different manufacturers, who are part of the consortium, is offered. Once the product has been chosen, the user can choose the associated product for possible design, installation and support. The platform provides ample space for all service-related levers that create value for the end user.

Impact - A new business model

Assogi, thanks to this project, stands out as the first consortium that tackles digital in an innovative way by revolutionising the go-to-market model of B2B companies with a view to collaborating to achieve better positioning and increased sales
The advantages obtained from the introduction of the B2B digital commerce platform are: - Improved efficiency in acquiring new customers; - Increased strategic market surveillance; - Reduced sales costs.

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