Mattel - The Toy Box

Challenge - Reaching the online audience

Mattel needed an app to engage his audience - who in the meantime moved online - and to identify new revenue streams from selling his toys. It was essential to be able to involve two different types of users: children and their parents. To do this, the app had to contain several separate, but complementary, features to meet the needs of both users.

Solution - Selling by entertaining people

To meet Mattel's demands, the Neosperience group has developed the Toy Box app. The app has created engaging experiences to increase brand awareness, boost partner company sales, improve the Mattel product experience and bring more customers into stores.

How does it work?

The Toy Box app offers personalized notifications, Augmented Reality experiences, and the possibility to share contents via social media, asking for community input. The shopping experience is enriched by proximity marketing (iBeacon) and Geolocation to find the nearest store. Another feature is Mattel TV, to entertain users with engaging videos about products, events and the latest news.

Finally, the function "When I was a child” allows the audience to immerse themselves in the memories of their childhood. By choosing a specific year from the past, users can find out which toys were famous at the time.

Impact - A new digital placement

Mattel, thanks to the Toy Box app, has taken a huge step forward in terms of technological innovation and digital positioning. It reached its target audience where it had moved, improved engagement and sales, gave the brand a new contemporary image and opened new channels of contact.

"Thanks to the Neosperience Cloud and its innovative approach to the digital customer experience, we have been able to unlock the magic of mobile technology. We delivered a truly meaningful experience online and offline, that enabled us to create engagement and understand our digital customers"

Filippo Agnello - AD Mattel Italy, Greece and Turkey

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