Unbreakable Community


Product differentiation is not a competitive advantage anymore. Onboarding loyal customers has become more critical and more difficult.

Only by offering valuable experiences, tailored to your customers’ characteristics, you will be able to grow your community of people showing trust and allegiance to your brand. Interact with them across touchpoints and connect on a personal basis to retain their loyalty and drive repurchases.
Our solution

Use the power of AI to foresee your customers’ evolving needs and build valuable, long-lasting relationships.

Neosperience Unbreakable Community integrates data, collected from every touchpoint, to provide you with the insights you need to easily manage and solve the complexities of the subscription processes. Interact, engage and reward your customers with personalized offers to build brand loyalty and establish long-lasting relationships; leverage on their satisfaction to acquire new prospects.

Neosperience Unbreakable Community allows you to:


Connect with Customers

Deeply understand, profile and segment your customers to connect on a personal basis with each of your community members.



Update, modify or dismiss products, services, warranty and subscriptions to be always on top of your customers’ wants and expectations.


Adjust Prices

Offer tariff plans and product prices that dynamically adapt to address your customers’ needs and satisfy your business requirements.


Manage Invoices

Easily keep track of all you payments and incomes.


Measure Growth

Monitor relevant metrics such as Accounting Rate of Return, Trial Conversion Rate, Average Revenue per User, Retention Rate, and anything you need to maximize the effectiveness of your membership program.


Save Time

Automate admin tasks to get back the time spent on operational activities.


Data Analytics

Set your KPIs, monitor relevant metrics and measure the growth of your business. Collect and examine your data to have them always at hand.

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