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    Creating engaging experiences is fundamental to gain new customers and build loyalty.

    In the Customer Experience Era, marketing initiatives are often so specific that it’s hard to replicate them in different contexts. A highly competitive business needs a more efficient system to reduce the effort of creating contextual and customized experiences without sacrificing the uniqueness of each initiative.
    Our solution

    A simple dashboard to engage customers in a dynamic set of goals and activities.

    Offer your customers personalized experiences based on their characteristics. Through an easy-to-use dashboard, Neosperience Nudging Gamification can be applied to online and offline touchpoints, encouraging customers to accomplish specific behavioral objectives such as purchasing an item, downloading a content, filling a form.

    Neosperience Nudging Gamification allows you to:


    Individual Tasks

    Set up personalized activities, missions and rewards tailored to the customer’s specific program.


    Multiple Engagement Levels

    Let each user follow multiple activity programs at the same time and accomplish several sets of actions.


    Rewards and Badges

    Encourage customers with constant incentives through mini-challenges and rewards.


    Dynamic Itineraries

    Allow users to choose rewards that they can get by carrying out specific actions and desired behaviors.


    Data Analytics

    Set your KPIs, monitor relevant metrics and measure the growth of your business. Collect and examine your data to have them always at hand.

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