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We provide you with the power of a business-focused ERP

We are leaders in ERP solution bundles that exceed standards: customized, ultra-efficient, flexible, scalable and integrated. We start with your company's needs, operations and aspirations and leverage our deep knowledge of SAP Business One to offer you a tool that will make your processes more effective, your decisions faster and more accurate, and your resource management more organized. In other words, we translate digital transformation into increased performance and returns.


Data management as a productivity engine

Today, for organizations in every industry, data and information are a powerful tool for successfully responding to the demands of an increasingly competitive and constantly changing marketplace. Undertaking a conscious and effective digital transformation means benefiting from improved data management to efficiently define strategies and optimize operations, resource management and processes. To initiate this evolution, reaping real and concrete benefits, companies need to have certain and reliable data, coming from the different operational areas and integrated in real time, and a high-performance tool that makes it usable and enables its targeted and easy use.


Our expertise turns a sophisticated tool into your catalyst for growth

To benefit your company and provide you with a versatile tool for day-by-day growth and effectively and innovatively manage your operational processes in the cloud, we draw on our experience in the digital field and mastery of the opportunities offered by SAP Business One, the state-of-the-art ERP for managing different business activities: accounting, sales, inventory management, invoicing, purchasing, customers, stock, services. We will customize the features of this powerful and versatile application for you, following a rigorous methodology, starting from self-assessment to technology implementation, through the adoption of realistic KPIs, prioritization, change management and the use of data-driven insights.
We will finalize the solution with the integration of AI- and IoT-based capabilities to ensure you receive the highest standards of automation and innovation. As an SAP Partner for many years, we will offer you all the support and advice to efficiently adopt SAP Business One and integrate it with your systems and operational processes.


Expertise and functionality to meet your competitive challenges

We have designed vertical solutions that benefit from the versatility and advanced functionality of the SAP Business One platform to specifically address the needs of individual industries, supporting your business and enabling you to seize the best opportunities in the market.

Companies that work on a contract basis, such as manufacturing companies operating in the machinery and plant sector, will find in our Job Assistant solution, based on the SAP Business One platform, a true ally for efficiency and productivity, which will support them with features aimed at:


  • Improve the management of budgets and final accounts;
  • Optimize planning and work progress;
  • Exercise careful control over production and costs;
  • Align production systems, machines and operators.

This solution will provide you with greater efficiency and quality in contract manufacturing.

Professional services firms will benefit from our dedicated solution that, using SAP Business One capabilities, will improve their operational efficiency and enable data-driven decision-making in real time.

Our solution offers many advantages:

  • Optimizes project management;
  • Improves collaboration among teams;
  • Increases financial visibility;
  • Facilitates resource planning;
  • Enables better tracking of time and expenses;
  • Optimizes the management of the project portfolio;
  • allows constant and accurate analysis of profitability.

This solution will enable you to deliver high quality, optimizing your operations at the same time.

Companies operating in the rubber industry must be able to respond promptly and efficiently to market changes and changing customer needs.

Our dedicated solution for this sector, based on the stability and elasticity of the SAP Business One platform, integrates specific functionality for manufacturing and distribution organizations in the rubber market, enabling them to:

  • Optimize production;
  • Effectively manage the supply chain;
  • Ensure compliance with quality regulations;
  • Improve operational efficiency;
  • Effectively plan production;
  • Perfecting quality control;
  • Manage batch traceability;
  • Supervise inventory management;
  • Monitor demand forecasting.

This solution will enable your company to move dynamically while maintaining high competitiveness.

Companies operating in the conglomerate world need solutions that go far beyond standard functionality-that is why we have designed an innovative ERP solution that benefits from the most advanced SAP Business ONE features and represents a revolution in the industry.

The performance and applications of our solution will provide your company with the highest level of operations through:

  • Data centralization;
  • production optimization;
  • unification of information;
  • Simplification of prescription management;
  • Verification of regulatory compliance;
  • Waste reduction;
  • Maximization of product quality.

This solution, through effective use of real data, will improve your resource utilization and sustainability, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

Aluminum manufacturing companies can benefit from the specific features of our Aluminum solution, designed specifically for this industry and developed to make the most efficient use of the top features of SAP Business One.

Using advanced tools for order-based and forecast-based production management, Aluminum enables:

  • Manage product attributes for detailed description;
  • Ensure full traceability;
  • Managing pricing activity;
  • Follow all phases of contract processing;
  • Improving the management of resorts;
  • Efficiently plan production;
  • Manage processing orders;
  • follow backorder processing;
  • Manage the active and passive labor account;
  • Process reinstatements for scraps;
  • Carry out nitriding of the matrices;
  • Rely on accurate management control.

This solution boosts every area of activity in your company, offering more power to your productivity.

Contract manufacturing companies need to respond extremely quickly to market changes and ensure quality production with guaranteed standards.

We designed our SC-One solution, based on SAP Business One, specifically for the needs of contract manufacturing companies, with the goal of offering a tool to optimize operations, improve product customization and reduce order fulfillment time.

SC-One can be seamlessly integrated with an MES system to optimize factory processes and allows multiple tasks to be managed:

  • product configuration;
  • sales;
  • production;
  • availability check;
  • activities of the technical department;
  • management and quality control.

This solution helps maintain operational efficiency and quality in contract manufacturing.

Companies operating in the food industry, particularly in Retail, can benefit from a tool that optimizes the supply chain, managing the entire process from demand forecasting to inventory management and distribution.

This tool is our solution based on the advanced capabilities of SAP Business One, a platform to bring benefits to every area and stage:

  • Ensures compliance with food safety regulations;
  • Manages promotions and prices dynamically;
  • Improves customers' shopping experience through detailed analysis of purchasing behavior;
  • Ensures operational efficiency.

This solution will enable your company to respond nimbly to market trends, maximizing your customers' satisfaction and your profitability.

Tech Partner

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Your know-how partner

Thanks to our privileged role as an SAP Partner and the important experience we have gained in using and customizing the functionalities of the SAP Business One platform, we will support your company in the implementation of technological solutions, with dedicated consulting to show you the most useful functions and integrations best suited to your business and concrete support in the application of this advanced tool in your daily operations.

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