Process Innovation

Process Innovation

We digitize your processes to increase your competitiveness

Today, the interaction between human operators, production machinery and digital systems is at the heart of daily operations, which makes perfecting internal processes is crucial. Through our know-how, targeted use of AI, and our emphasis on consulting and working side-by-side with the customer, we bring innovation to your operational processes, enhancing the skills of your organization's staff and increasing your productivity.


Process Innovation unlocks the untapped potential of every company

Constant evolution is at the core of modern corporate strategies, yet a company's success is actually more a path than a fixed state. And it requires great awareness of the direction in which to move, but above all it requires the appropriate means to keep the business-organism in perfect health and enable it to continuously perfect itself. Against this backdrop, it seems clear that companies must embark on innovative digitization paths, starting from internal processes, involving every area and task, from management to operations, from production to sales, and then developing outward at a later stage.
To effectively walk this path towards evolution, the organization should count on the expertise and solutions of a partner capable of working alongside business teams, a solution provider who identifies all the improvements that can be pursued and the means by which they can be achieved and then accompanies the company step by step in its transformation.


Process Innovation

Process Innovation: an organizational model

Digitizing an organization's processes is a team effort: us together with you. Our starting point is, first and foremost, to identify the goal to be achieved, interpreting the specific needs of your company and defining the timeframe and stages of the path to be taken and the goals in the medium and long term.

Our method involves an agile, incremental approach divided into phases that may be consequential or concurrent, in which we:

  • apply Artificial Intelligenceto every process to enhance the skills of your technicians, engineers, and all experts within the organization;

  • build portals to digitize sales and create intelligent knowledge management systems that collect, understand, and make corporate knowledge assets accessible to all members of the organization;

  • prepare the dissemination of insights that identify correlations and anomalies, enabling you through AI to optimize processes at every level of your organization;

  • conduct an initial analysis of your business processes with the goal of identifying areas for improvement and potential AI models already available that can be used right away to speed up the process;

  • engage you inuser experience co-design, aimed at providing your company with a highly customized solution;
  •  define AI-based Native Cloud solutions cthat can accelerate go-to-market;

  • analyze your systems by evaluating possible integrations:we prefer to integrate instead of replace, making it easier for your teams to use the technologies and reducing project lead times.

We build the success of your Process Innovation on a solid foundation:

Co-Designed UX

Co-Designed UX

To provide the best usability for users inside and outside your company and meet all marketing, sales and production needs.

Task Force Dedicata

Dedicated Task Force

To identify the best artificial intelligence algorithms for your needs and optimize research and development time for solutions.

AI Generativa

Generative AI

To enhance your processes through conversational interfaces, improving the effectiveness of complex information from different systems.

Sistemi Esperti

Expert Systems

To meet the logic of Configure to Order and Configure-Price-Quote, giving digital form to the skills of your technical staff.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

To learn and reproduce logic for cataloging, understanding and optimizing data, recognizing similarities and proposing outcome or process predictivities while improving the most critical business processes, including Engineering to Order.

Sistemi di Ricerca Intelligenti

Intelligent Search Systems

To extract data from large databases, indexing the results, supporting the cataloging and searching of structured and unstructured business information augmented and understood by Artificial Intelligence.

NSP Cloud Platform

Neosperience Cloud Platform

This is Neosperience's digital proposition: an enterprise-grade integrated digital services platform created to digitize technical, commercial and production business processes through proprietary or third-party technologies.

Areas of expertise

  • Management and Control
  • Sales
  • Design and Configuration
  • Production

Management and Control

Our Business Intelligence service will guide you in the effective digitization of management and control processes and provide you with aggregated, usable, integrated data through a tool that combines information from all business sources and makes it accessible and usable in real time.

With in-depth expertise in Deep Learning and Computer Vision, we will provide you with an exceptionally effective tool that meets a variety of needs: from detecting dangerous situations or unauthorized presence within company areas to detecting staff in distress, injured or unconscious.


Our commercial configurators simplify customer relationship management and the work of your sales departments and retailers in preparing quick and accurate quotations, particularly in the case of complex objects, for example plants or large machines, or articulated services. They optimize after-sales management with the creation of or integration to even complex B2B portals.

Thanks to our technology and our technical expertise, we will equip you with a powerful configuration tool to create real-time quotes for complex objects, such as plants and large machines, or articulated services that include many variables and choices.

Design and Configuration

Our solutions efficiently support your engineers in product configuration, dramatically reducing the time to search and locate key information, such as in the case of similarity searches, intellectual property, project costing, Knowledge Management.

Our Knowledge Management solution will make your teams efficient and quick in accessing technical and non-technical information, both internal to your company and from external sources, and extremely valuable in all areas where efficient access to information translates into gains in time and resources.

Through our Intellectual Property Management solution, we offer your legal and technical departments a highly efficient and functional way to consult national and international portals quickly and easily, helping you achieve your business goals.


The broad application areas of our AI-based, production-focused solutions include production planning optimization, predictive maintenance, process anomaly detection and quality control, all the way to the safety of production areas and personnel.

Our Process Mining platform and Digital Twin capabilities embody operational excellence and business process improvement: they combine specific expertise, advanced analytics, technology, and Artificial Intelligence, addressing both production and organizational process innovation from a holistic and organic perspective.

Our AI-based solution will enable you to continuously monitor data collected during production stages and detect anomalies in consumption, anticipating possible machine failures and identifying all areas for improvement.

Our Computer Vision for Quality solution leverages AI to bring you a highly accurate and reliable tool that leverages Machine Learning algorithms and computer vision technology to analyze images and videos in real time, verifying that products meet the required standards.



A powerful commercial configurator

Declaro is the powerful and accurate configurator developed for all sales departments and retailers who need to manage complex quotes and offers such as, for example, those related to industrial plants or machinery or to articulated services, which are too challenging to be managed through traditional systems, such as ERPs.


An intelligent search engine

Bleen is the cutting-edge, customizable and embeddable search engine that will support your teams by making it quick, easy and accurate to access your company's wealth of information and the most significant external references, giving you better knowledge management, from Corporate Knowledge to Intellectual Property.


Supporting companies in their Process Innovation

We have accompanied companies of all industries and sizes on process innovation journeys, responding to needs aimed at increasing sales and to more specific goals inherent in the technical challenges of demanding and evolving markets. The effectiveness and value of the solutions developed has enabled organizations to improve their operations and performance. Some of the most representative case histories can be viewed here.

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Tech Partners

The value of expertise, the strength of partners

Thanks to important partnerships with leading companies in the field of digital and IT services, we will guarantee your company the highest level of consulting, solutions based on deep know-how, and the most effective and up-to-date tools.


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