Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

We enhance the efficiency of your sales and contact channels

Nowadays, it is crucial to have a highly efficient CRM and marketing automation platform to build an important competitive advantage. With our comprehensive knowhow, we will support you with the best digital tools to attract and convert quality leads, manage seamless multi-channel marketing, build effective content marketing strategies, improve contact management and customer service, refine sales processes, and increase business results.


High-performance tools for a powerful CRM


Organizations have to respond to increasingly complex needs along with challenging and articulated business dynamics: while digital channels are undoubtedly an important voice for the development and growth, it is necessary to adopt targeted strategies and tools designed to take full advantage of all the opportunities they offer and build satisfactory results in the immediate and long term.
To do this, companies need to select competent partners who will successfully support them in identifying the best tools and applying technology and know-how to digital sales processes – with predictable results and reliable timeframes.
Thanks to our expertise and experience in CRM, we will support you with the most powerful digital tools to attract and convert quality leads, manage omnichannel marketing, build effective content marketing strategies, improve contact management and customer service, refine sales processes, and increase business results.


The power of CRM to achieve your most ambitious goals

We have developed effective solutions to offer you the best performance of the most powerful CRM platform and accompany you to solve specific needs and reach new goals in sales and customer care, delivering sure results in reliable timeframes.

Knowing your customers is the basis of any successful business. Today, the omnichannel approach allows you to collect clear and reliable information from every contact, online and offline, with active or potential customers.

With Single Customer View, we will provide you with a privileged and always up-to-date view of your customers to better manage large amounts of information and get clear guidance for every strategic and business decision.

Today's customers look for products and services first and foremost online. They inquire on websites and social media, interact with other users, read reviews, compare brands.

With a deep understanding of Inbound Marketing, we will support you in creating effective campaigns that make the most of strategy, technology, and content to intercept customers early in their search journey and then guide them to the solutions your company offers.

Leveraging multichannel and effective lead generation strategies, we can now collect a significant number of interested contacts, generating a continuous flow from different digital or physical touch points to our business systems.

Using the most advanced CRM tools and sophisticated automation solutions, we will guide you toward efficient contact management aimed at turning each lead into a customer.

Selling is no longer the mere result of a "face-to-face" activity, but the sum of many actions, most of which are carried out independently by customers, who independently inform themselves and evaluate their purchasing choices on digital channels, even before they manifest themselves to the company.

Combining expertise, multichannel technologies and quality content, we will help you manage digital sales processes and turn leads into customers, offering technical support and training for your teams.

Assisting customers today means handling requests before they arrive and using different channels to answer questions and needs in a timely and accurate manner. The after-sales phase has become an integral and indispensable part of the sale itself.

With substantial experience in customer service enhancement through cutting-edge technologies, we will support you in a process of refining customer service, improving your customer experience and sales.

The quality of products and services is a key part of a company's success. When the market expands and middlemen get added in the distribution chain, it is crucial to maintain control over the needs and demands of end customers and to enhance the entire supply chain (distributors, retailers or installers).

Through innovative solutions and targeted use of CRM automation functions, we will provide you with visibility and control over data from every step of the distribution chain, allowing you to keep control over the needs and demands of end customers and enhance the entire supply chain.

In today's market, dominated by multichannel logic, companies need to present themselves in a unique and relevant way in order to be identified and chosen by their (potential) customers. This means building the customer relationship right from where they are.

With the capabilities of the most comprehensive CRM platform and strong expertise in data analysis, we will support you in mapping your contacts' customer journey and creating data-driven strategies.

Points of sale, digital spaces, innovative channels: today, the interaction between a company and its customers or prospects takes place in a varied way, often asynchronously, through very different means. The phrases of this modern conversation are content: everything the company addresses to its audience to engage them and respond to their research and requests.

With a solid background in technology and content creation, we will support you in creating campaigns that leverage dedicated CRM automation tools and effective quality content to engage your audience.

In the digital era, people are increasingly searching for and buying products and services online, and a company website can no longer be considered a storefront, albeit a well-structured and well-planned one, but must become a full-fledged tool for sales, customer interaction, and lead generation.

With an integrated CMS in the CRM platform, we will support you in creating a comprehensive and modern website that effectively converts leads and can be managed autonomously.

Success stories

Our innovative projects and Success Stories

Learn how we successfully responded to the needs of some of the largest Italian and international companies and SMEs by identifying innovative solutions and making the best use of the features of a complete and hyper-efficient CRM platform attaining outstanding results.

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With our in-depth knowledge of the infinite potential of the HubSpot platform, we help companies take full advantage of its features to boost sales and improve customer service.

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