How can companies save the hidden costs of poor information management?

With the growing digitisation of businesses, and even more so with the massive use of Smart Working, the new challenge is to make information more productive. A considerable number of hours are spent each week searching, duplicating, sharing, and organizing files and documents.

From a major study on hidden labour costs, The Hidden Costs of Information Work – 2005 IDC Report, on average every worker in the company wastes over 28% of their time researching, analysing and organising information, also considering that part of this research activity is unsuccessful.

A quick to install, configure and easy to use enterprise search engine.

Bleen allows the user to access and relate all the information they need. What is Business Intelligence for structured data, Bleen is for unstructured data. This is why we are talking about a new digital frontier: Information Intelligence.

Bleen allows you to search between structured and unstructured data, simultaneously, with only one question to the system.

What are the unique features of Bleen?



With Bleen you don't need to know where the data resides, just a search field to instantly access all your business information.



Bleen provides very fast response times and effective and innovative analysis and result search paths.



Bleen accesses all company information content, storing the words and phrases it extracts in a highly optimized index. Its associative engine allows you to navigate between related and aggregated results. Each user can catalogue, comment, vote on the content.



Upon each request, Bleen displays all content that contains the searched text. For each object you can see the built-in attributes (date, size, type, source). For each result set Bleen provides additional specifications that help you understand the effectiveness of the search as well as the associated numerical values.



Bleen has an immediate and intuitive web interface, designed to guide the user even without training. In addition, thanks to the navigation objects provided by Bleen, the user can understand at a glance, not only the types of objects found, but also their importance within the dictionary of terms typical of the company.



A series of Collectors catalogues information in compliance with Business Ontology: the dictionary common to the company, allowing the system to distinguish documents according to their “meaning”.



Bleen includes a collaborative engine that groups users in communities and uses each other's judgments to improve the quality of results. The judgment of the members of the communities to which the user belongs has the most value in calculating the relevance of a result. Each user can add Tags and Comments to each object, which become as many search fields.



Bleen is supplied pre-installed on physical or virtual hardware and optimized to be immediately integrated into IT infrastructures of any complexity.

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