Veneta Cucine - B2B2C Websites

Website and digital marketing to cement Veneta Cucine's role

We accompanied Veneta Cucine in its construction of an effective online presence through a real digital transformation, which started with the design of the new site and continued with the use of all the most performing B2B and B2C digital marketing tools. An operation that has led the Venetian company to become a reference in the sector on a national and international scale.

Veneta Cucine is a family business with more than 50 years of history, which started as a local business in 1967 and has come to market today as Italy's largest kitchen furniture platform. The company's steady growth has been made possible by a farsighted vision of the founding family, which has been able to respond to the need for mutation of the business model from entrepreneurial to managerial and is supported by an extraordinary range of models and variants: 10 systems, 40 models on 5 different bodies, generating 300 color and material variants, with endless possibilities for customization such that 90,000 kitchen-systems are placed on the market each year.
From 2021, Veneta Cucine is committed to international business development.



Support and stimulate growth through a robust and effective digital plan

Veneta Cucine operates in a highly competitive and varied sector, characterized by consolidated dynamics at the retail level, and communicated to us the need to indulge and strengthen its positioning advantage through a development of the online channel that would allow a clear distinction from the competition, greater user engagement and a diffusion of the brand to foreign markets.


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