Computer Vision for Safety & Security

We increase security in your company with Computer Vision

Technology is increasingly enabling us to go beyond human limits, even in corporate environments where careful and constant observation is essential to ensure the safety of the organization and the health of its people. With our in-depth expertise in deep learning and computer vision, we can offer you highly effective tools to meet a wide range of needs: from detecting dangerous situations or unauthorized presence in company premises to detecting employees in distress, injured or unconscious.

Vision and analytics 24/7, 365 days a year

When we discuss security, whether it is about preventing unauthorized access in certain contexts or rapidly identifying an accident at work, we introduce a critical issue in the daily operations of companies, which must exercise constant control and protection activities, but also timely intervention in all situations that require it.
Of course, this need has always had to consider the logics of breadth of the areas to be monitored, availability of resources, and costs of managing these activities. Computer vision represents an invaluable solution, offering a compelling combination of efficiency and investment.



We offer you the benefits of a high-tech, automation-based solution

Among our solutions to ensure maximum security for your business, Computer Vision is the most rapidly evolving, but also the one with the most far-reaching results and multiple benefits.

Computer vision replicates in a technological key the functionality of human vision: our eyes do not just "see" an image, but transmit it in real time to the brain, which interprets it and provides us with a key to understanding what we see. In this way, we not only know what is happening, but we can act on it. Our brains have been doing this for thousands of years; computer vision replicates this function, overcoming human limitations and offering the ability to analyze and process an extraordinary amount of information in real time, detecting anomalies and problems.
In practice, thanks to the learning capabilities associated with deep learning, the artificial intelligence behind Computer Vision derives meaningful information from digital images, videos and footage captured by security cameras, and reacts accordingly by sending alerts or performing pre-defined operations.

It is therefore a solution that, when applied to the field of detection in the Safe & Security context, allows not only the complete automation of control tasks, but also many features, including:

  • classification: analysis of the image and recognition of what it shows with assignment of specific tags;
  • subject or object detection: detection and identification of elements within the image;
  • segmentation: analysis of individual pixels in the image for better identification of anomalies;
  • facial recognition: identification of faces and people;
  • action recognition: detection of subjects and actions performed.



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Higher-level security

The application of computer vision can impact all areas of the business, providing your company with significant safety benefits while increasing and improving production and profitability:

Effective Surveillance

Effective Surveillance

By integrating Computer Vision to your enterprise surveillance systems, via CCTV or Cloud cameras, you will benefit from the highest level of smart surveillance, effectively detecting unauthorized intrusion or presence.

Sicurezza sul Lavoro

Workplace Safety

With artificial vision and AI's ability to interpret, you can increase workplace safety by monitoring different areas and identifying risky situations.

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