Neosperience - Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Benefit-based modernization

We execute application modernization processes, starting with an analysis of the opportunities and benefits that your organization can gain from taking full advantage of cloud services, such as optimizing speed, performance, scalability, and integrating new features. We then follow a modernization strategy aimed at minimizing cost and implementation time, building a highly efficient process in which we pair-program with your team using an agile methodology.


We free your Legacy applications from the constraints of on-premise

We help you modernize your applications by bringing the deep expertise of our developers to your organization and providing guidance at every stage:

Neosperience - Application Modernization
  • Assessment
    We will start with a thorough analysis of your legacy systems in order to have all the key information and develop an effective strategy for transforming your current applications.
  • Remediation services
    We will proceed by working on the functionality of the applications so as to make them scalable and easy and maintainable.
  • Migration and re-platforming
    We will handle the migration of applications from on-premise to the Cloud, using cloud-based technology platforms that ensure lower cost and greater efficiency. This will enable your company to benefit immediately from a modern infrastructure, improved performance, and reduced operating and maintenance costs.
  • Microservices
    We will make changes quickly and effectively by adopting a microservices architecture, which allows us to phase out Legacy apps, minimizing the impact on the business and intervening within individual components without the need to manage the entire codebase.

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