Voice of Customer: listening to the customer to create an effective business strategy

Case Study
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Learn how to improve your strategies with NeosVoc, the platform that innovates Voice of Customer thanks to AI and unique methodologies.


In a hyper-connected world, made up of increasingly volatile customers and offerings that often struggle to be distinguishable, the moment of experience takes on a central role directing purchase choices and offering that customers really expect from us.


The Pandemic has redefined all market trends and forecasts by changing priorities, consumption styles, habits and values. Customers and their relationship with brands evolve: above all, the purchasing choices due to the great transformations of life change: a new home, a son.


To stay on the market, it becomes vital for companies to redesign their strategies. To do so effectively there is only one way: starting from listening to and understanding your customers to establish an authentic bond with each of them, in which the traditional concept of loyalty gives way to the much deeper concept of “customization.”


We will discuss this with Mariela Di Luna, CRM Manager of Prénatal Retail Group, and Alice Melpignano, CEO of NeosVoc, who will tell us about the importance of Voice of Customer in understanding their customers, building effective strategies and improving the results of their business.