Cybersecurity & Data Protection in China - with Value China

The webinar organized LCA, an Italian law firm, in collaboration with Value China, the leading company in Italy specialized in the Chinese market, will discuss the main data protection and privacy innovations introduced by the Chinese government recently.

China is the largest social media market in the world that will reach 1.28 billion users in 2026. In this scenario of unstoppable digital growth, it therefore seems inevitable that these platforms will integrate traditional online sales functions with those of social networks, creating real “social-commerce”. 
The increased popularity of these platforms also makes them the best tool for those who, from abroad, want to access billions of Asian users and potential consumers. For this reason, operating on such platforms has increasingly become an expertise that companies must possess, and to do so it is necessary to know its potential but also the risks. Not surprisingly, in recent years the Chinese government has implemented an ambitious plan to reform cybesecurity and data protection legislation.     
In the webinar, which will be held online on September 22 at 5 pm, Alessia Placchi (Associate of LCA) and Luca Qiu (CEO of Value China), introduced by Sara Moro (Partner of LCA), will talk about this process of change both from a commercial and legal point of view, analyzing the most popular social-commerce in China and the main legal implications of their use.
Ercole De Cesare (Business Development Manager of Nava Design) will also talk about the experience of his company, a historic Milanese company, active in the production of bags, stationery accessories and designer watches whose products have become real icons of the world of design exhibited in museums and international foundations and appreciated all over the world, including China.     
The webinar will last about 60 minutes and will end with a session dedicated to Q&A.   
Participation is free. 
The webinar will be held in Italian language.