Artificial Intelligence and Industry.
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Case Study
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The story of the RemotAir® Remote Surveillance project, based on Artificial Intelligence and Neosperience IoT skills, and created for Alisea.


Together with Alisea – a leading customer company in the hygienic management of air systems – and Amazon Web Services, we participated in the “Artificial Intelligence and Industry” webinar to answer some of the most common questions among companies approaching this technology for the first time, also providing some examples of projects carried out by our company to demonstrate its practical potential.


Below is the programme of interventions:


17:00 – Massimo Casadio, ICT Manager and AXIS Advisor, and Nicola Poli, Neosperience Business Partner and AXIS Advisor, will introduce the Webinar and present THE AXIS Association.


17:05 – Luca Bianchi, CTO of Neosperience and AWS Serverless Hero, in his first speech will introduce the fundamental principles of the Artificial Intelligence revolution that we are experiencing, demystifying many concepts and presenting costs, limits of applicability and benefits in the industrial context.


17:30 – Massimo Albertini, of Alisea’s Technical Management – will tell us about the RemotAir® remote surveillance system, based on Neosperience’s Artificial Intelligence.


17:55 – Alex Casalboni, Senior Developer Advocate of Amazon Web Services, will finally show us the tools and cloud services of Artificial Intelligence provided by AWS for Italian companies. The session will also present the on-demand solutions available on the AWS cloud and describe some cases of B2B use by customers.