WithU - Digital Experience

Challenge - Improve customer relationship, increase loyalty and facilitate the customer journey

WithU - a brand of Europe Energy, one of the most dynamic and innovative Italian companies in the European Electricity and Gas market - is a brand that leverages the simplification of processes and services in the multiutility world, ensuring a more agile digital experience that reduces costs in the procurement of services.

WithU's goal was to create a personalized experience, with the ability to open, manage and renew contracts, generate new offers, but also offer gamification and loyalty paths to increase loyalty.

Solution - Redesign the portal by implementing our solutions

Neosperience and Myti have started a process of redefining the entire digital presence of WithU, implementing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics technologies within the WithU portal through some of our solutions, such as User Insight and Nudging Gamification.

The focus is on discovering the psychographic traits of customers (therefore interests, personalities and habits that explain the reason for their purchasing decisions) and obtaining customer insights useful for creating one-to-one messages and increasing the conversion rate thanks to the creation of targeted campaigns that perfectly fit the needs and expectations of each customer.

Impact - Knowing and retaining the customer to increase business

In a market like that of utilities, where the customization of the offer is central to the success of commercial proposals, understanding in depth the needs and desires of each customer in full respect of their privacy becomes an essential factor.

For this reason, the project carried out together with Myti can be a great competitive advantage for WithU, to continue to offer relevant experiences to its customers, totally personalized and highly technological.

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