SDA Bocconi - Business Games

Challenge - Full Digital Teaching

Because of Covid, universities had to reinvent themselves. Bocconi - among the best universities in Europe and in the world - has decided to face change with the aim of innovating its teaching. We were therefore asked to help you create a new full-digital teaching tool.

Solution - Rethinking distance learning

For Bocconi we recreated the traditional practical exercises in a digital environment. How? By developing the online platform where users can participate in so-called business games. A Nudging and Gamification project to make the often alienating moments of online teaching more fun and challenging.

Impact - An help for students

The Neosperience Group enthusiastically participates in this highly successful innovative educational experiment that can teach us so much to improve our software solutions such as Neosperience Nudging Gamification.

In addition, helping thousands of students in the study at this complex time is a source of pride and satisfaction.

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