Porsche Italy - Digital Presence

Challenge - Digitizing the communication ecosystem

For the last 15 years, the Neosperience Group has supported Porsche Italia in the process of digitizing the brand's communication ecosystem. The main requirement of the German car manufacturer was to communicate smoothly and effectively inwards - retailers and service centers - and simultaneously outwards, i.e. to the wholesaler and anyone wishing to enter the Porsche world.

Solution - A network of digital touch points

The solutions devised were multiple and all aimed at supporting the digital presence of the brand in a capillary way by offering a technological platform that would allow a management, partly centralized and partly peripheral, of the information that retailers, service centers and the parent company itself conveyed to the end customer.

A network of sites and a series of e-commerce services related to initiatives such as ski clubs or golf clubs created in full communication coherence to support the brand's marketing objectives. The end result was the creation of an ecosystem of digital touch points integrated with CRMs that would allow the collection of data aimed at one-to-one communication to the end customer.

A collaboration and support relationship was then created with the different dealers of the company for which lead and drive to store collection campaigns were managed over time.

Impact - New business leads and increasing the value of the individual customer

All the initiatives carried out together with Porsche Italia have allowed the company to increase the number of commercial leads and to involve brand enthusiasts with new tools and on new channels, increasing their value over time.

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