Pinalli - Digital Commerce

Challenge - A new phygital positioning

The needs of Pinalli, one of the most innovative Italian companies in the field of beauty product sales, were very clear: a new digital positioning that supports the dialogue between offline and online, and the creation of their first Digital Commerce.

Solution - Rubin Red®

For Pinalli we have therefore designed and developed an innovative Digital Commerce based on Rubin Red®, a high-performance CSS platform owned by Neosperience. To make navigation faster and more efficient, we have implemented Algolia, a very fast on-site search system.

In support, we have also implemented a digital marketing strategy on the Google Ads channel. Finally - to promote the consistency of the experience even offline - we have developed a version of the eshop dedicated to digital signage (totem) in the physical stores of the brand.

Impact - Increased sales and reputation

The omnichannel strategy immediately showed its potential: Digital Commerce quickly achieved excellent performance with a constantly growing trend, driving the expansion of physical stores nationwide and allowing the company to compete with the most important brands in the distribution of perfumes and cosmetics online and offline.

Since the launch of the platform, sales and visibility have increased thanks to the constant creation and optimisation of Pay per Click campaigns, thanks to specific activities aimed at improving UX and CRO and thanks to the implementation of the mobile version of the platform.

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