PF900 - Cultural Project

Challenge - Digitally enhancing the artistic heritage of the city

In an age when tourism is forced to deal with great physical limitations, digital and its innovative technologies can become central to the enhancement of history and culture.

Believing in this idea and the value of a digital system designed for people - as a Neosperience group and together with numerous partners - we have developed PF900, the app that was created with the aim of enhancing local tourism by making the Brescia artistic heritage of the 20th century digitally usable.

Solution - The App that guides us in a phygital exploration of historical and cultural heritage

The PF900 application consists of numerous thematic routes that guide the user along the beauties of the city. Thanks to geolocation, the visitor is able to unlock - with its passage in the areas of interest - the multimedia content associated with the different places. The user is then led to live the real experience of the city to be able to access images, videos, interviews.

Once a content is unblocked, the user will be able to access it again in the future. The app also allows partners to enter special content, not present in the itineraries, or bonus content that can be designed and added on the occasion of particular events.

Impact - Enhancing cultural heritage digitally is possible

PF900 is the confirmation that it is possible to make the cultural and historical heritage even more interesting through digitization and gamification processes, but it is also the demonstration that the applications can be inclusive: in fact, PF900 has been developed to guarantee its use to the visually impaired, and offers graphic and font features for those who suffer from vision disorders (eg color blindness) and dyslexia.

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