Rinascente - ANNEX App

Challenge - Bringing youngest audience to the store

In the era of Customer Experience, creating engaging and memorable experiences must be the goal of every brand. To achieve this target, Rinascente asked us - for the opening of its flagship store in Milan - to create a platform dedicated to increasing customer engagement and loyalty, characterized by a strong social connotation to engage the youngest audience.

Solution - An omni-channel experience

We have therefore created ANNEX, an app that is primarily designed to combine the digital experience with the in-store one. How? Through push notifications located near the store, photo contests and social sharing of contents. To stimulate interactions and user involvement, ANNEX uses a set of techniques - typical of neuromarketing - useful for encouraging desired behaviours and guiding each customer towards the most suitable purchasing choice for them.

Impact - A "viral" community

A few days after the launch, ANNEX was already a national success. The app has involved a wide audience of users, especially the youngest, registering a high number of interactions since the opening of the store. The highly immersive experience - made possible by the app's applied approach to cognitive psychology - immediately attracted the attention of fashion enthusiasts, generating a “viral” word of mouth that led to the creation of a real community.

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