Deborah Milano - Store Analytics

Challenge - Bringing analytics to the physical world

Unlike physical stores, Digital Commerce platforms have much more information about customers; stores - to bridge this gap with digital - must bring the keys to the success of digital analytics tools to the physical world.

Deborah Milano, a leading make-up company, has understood this new need. Its target? Make its promotional campaigns and in-store product placement more effective, and retrieve information about the visitor and in-store staff behavior.

Solution - Neosperience People Analytics

Deborah Milano has decided to contact us to adopt the Neosperience People Analytics solution in three of its stores. How does it work? By installing some cameras in key store environments, they can provide data and information to assess the behavior of people moving around the store and near the entrance.

What information does Neosperience People Analytics retrieve?


How many people pass in front of the store and stop in front of the windows


and Exits

How many people visit the store



How people move around different areas of the store



How customers behave, for example when interacting with products and promotions

To make this data easy to view and use, Neosperience People Analytics automatically generates infographic maps and heat flows.

Impact - Better store management

Thanks to Neosperience People Analytics, Deborah Milano has achieved to improve the management of its commercial spaces. Knowing the behavior of its customers in-store, it reacted accordingly and implemented new engagement strategies.

Store managers discovered that certain areas of the shops were visited several times and for a longer time, while others were ignored. Neosperience People Analytics also highlighted which promotions were seen most often, and which went unnoticed.

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