Chef in Camicia - Contest App

Challange - Digitize the Community

Chef in Camicia, a vertical media company on food that boasts over 3 million followers, wanted to create more engagement with his fans. They asked us to create a contest app where they can hold prize competitions.

Solution - An app to connect and aggregate the community through challenges

For Chef in Camicia, we have created an app for iOS and Android, and we manage its evolution and maintenance. Through it, new culinary competitions are continuously launched. As challenges unfold participants level up. Top rankers earn credits that can be spent on rewards.

Impact - Reach your audience during the different moments of their journey

Considering an almost zero investment in marketing, the Chef app in Camicia is achieving extraordinary results. Tens of thousands of users have downloaded the app and regularly use it to test themselves with friends.

Hundreds of prizes were awarded and remarkable was the positive response, through reviews and comments, from users.

With this project, they were able to create a new engagement channel from scratch.

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