BNP Paribas Cardif - Voice of Customer

Challenge - Soft Data of customers and prospects

BNP Paribas Cardif, a leading global insurance company, wanted to raise awareness of the brand and, at the same time, wanted to know more about the characteristics of its audience, to improve the effectiveness of its commercial communications.

Until then, Cardif knew customers and prospects exclusively through socio-demographic and behavioural information, linked to the possession of products or the interest shown by users in its offers. Cardif, therefore, did not have qualitative information that would identify the real insurance needs of customers and the type of communication best suited to interacting with them.

Solution - Behavioral and attitudinal analysis

We have created for Cardif the Emotional Check-Up, which consists of a survey aimed at their current and potential customers to understand some of their subjective characteristics. At the end of the compilation, each participant could view their personality profile processed in real-time, and the insurance products suggested according to their distinctive characteristics.

In particular, the Emotional Check-Up has allowed the following characteristics to be obtained on each user:

Locus of Control

The perception of the "place" where the causes of the events of one's life reside.


Sensation Seeking

The propensity for adventure and the desire to experience new and intense experiences from an emotional point of view.



The strong propensity for sociality and group visibility.



The tendency to plan one's behaviours and pursue long-term goals with determination.


to the Experience

Curiosity and openness to news and changes.

Impact - Customer-friendly insurance

Thanks to the Emotional Check-Up, Cardif was able to:

the Offer

Offer each user the most suitable product, based on their lifestyle, their attitude and propensity towards different types of policy, and their level of Sensation seeking.


the Communication

Identify the most effective message for each user, in line with their fundamental psychographic traits (Locus of control, Extroversion, Consciousness, Openness to experience).

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