User Insight


Beyond simple data

Socio-demographic data are no longer sufficient today. Thanks to User Insight you can create an effective digital strategy by segmenting your audience for Psychographic Profiles.
For the first time you will be able to grasp the uniqueness of each person by generating meaningful data: interests, habits, lifestyles, psychographic traits.

Meet Neosperience User Insight

Neosperience User Insight is the software that allows Marketing, Innovation and Communication managers to increase conversions, reduce dropouts and increase the value of each customer. It customizes the User Experience on digital touchpoints: website, apps, newsletters and chatbots.

The interpretation of desires

The solution bases on AI which analyses user behaviour and associates each of these actions with a certain score and psychographic meaning.
Results at hand, the algorithm is able to insert the user's profile into a specific psychographic cluster, on which the company can then base its personalized communication.

Let's take a closer look at the Solution

Customized dashboard

The dashboard is customizable in all its parts and allows you to have all the summary data concerning your touchpoints at hand. Different types of charts condense key data into easily recognizable patterns.
Customized Dashboard

Customized newsletter by psychographic trait - Fashion Industry

Laura loves fashion and listens to advice from friends and influencers on what to wear. She relies on well-known brands, from which she chooses the most popular products. When she browses Benetton's website, she focuses on the best-selling garments and Instagram-inspired looks.
User Insight recognizes Laura as a "High Need for Social Belong" so Laura will receive a personalized newsletter that offers her iconic products and best sellers.
newsletter custom

Customized homepage by psychographic trait - Automotive Industry

Andrew seeks emotional and intense experiences. He loves adventure and likes to experience new situations. When he needs to make a purchase, he looks for experiences related to them to test himself. User Insight recognizes Andrew as a person with a high "Mental Openness" so the dynamic homepage for Andrew will convey freedom and strong emotions.
homepage custom

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Digital Analytics

Analyze user behavior on digital touchpoints to customize the user experience

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Digital Analytics

Discover the deep traits of each user by analyzing their behavior in e-commerce and newsletters

Fashion Luxury & Beauty

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