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Large organizations need essential solutions to solve the issues that come up in hypercompetitive markets.

Creating several apps for every retailer implies great efforts, whereas using the same app for every point of sale is quite ineffective. Companies need to find the ideal solution to give relevance to the uniqueness of each retail store and personalize the customer experience, without sacrificing brand consistency.
Our solution

A single digital system for multiple retailers to improve brand consistency among various touchpoints.

Neosperience Skinnable App is based on a back-end infrastructure and a generic App. Once it is set up, the App acquires the colors, shapes and contents selected by the store manager, according to the specific store or product category. The single store or retail manager doesn’t need to build his own digital platform, avoiding the resulting maintenance costs.

Neosperience Skinnable App provides you with several features, including:


Design Asset Management

Several assets are available to be chosen by the store manager, and they will set up automatically according to the characteristics of the store.


Content Dashboard

A Dashboard where you can personalize displaying contents for every type of user, based on his demographic and psychographic characteristics.


Promo Management

Each store manager can set up the best promotions tailored to his own customer segment’s needs.


E-Commerce Integration

Your e-commerce can be easily synced with the App to show purchasable items to the final customer.



Set your KPIs, monitor relevant metrics and measure the growth of your business. Collect and examine your data to have them always at hand.

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