Rubin Red


Overcoming the limits of traditional e-commerce

Rubin Red has been developed to go beyond the problems of the most popular E-Commerce platforms on the market. Rubin Red is an original, highly customized, scalable and editable solution over time, unlike other Open Source solutions. It is also designed to be managed independently by even unskilled personnel.

Compared to alternative platforms (such as WordPress and associated plug-ins, Magento, PrestaShop), Rubin Red has a flexible and advanced architecture that allows full front-end customization and low deployment and evolution costs.

From e-commerce to Omnichannel Digital Commerce

Rubin Red is the platform that marks the transition from e-commerce to Omnichannel Digital Commerce, for all organizations that want to give a more effective solution to their customers in PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) mode taking advantage of the unique benefits of AWS application services.

For specific markets Rubin Red can also be verticalized in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) mode.

What are the unique features of Rubin Red?

Some of the projects carried out with Rubin Red

Veneta Cucine
Digital Experience

Tell the brand and the quality of its unique products through advanced digital touch-points

Consumer Goods & Retail

Digital Commerce

A phygital sales ecosystem that gives value to the customer experience and that allows to increase revenues

Fashion Luxury & Beauty

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