Reality Plus


In a fully digital world, there is a need for new channels to reach and engage customers.

Your products and physical experiences must succeed in overcoming the barrier of matter to be present in all touchpoints. Create your own high-quality AR experiences and give a boost to your promotional campaigns.
Our solution

Neosperience Reality Plus allows you to be present in your customers' real life.

The complete platform that lets you easily develop products and solutions in Augmented Reality. Test, play and deliver fully immersive experiences for your customers. Drive engagement and conversions with augmented experiences, tailored to your specific segment of customers.

Neosperience Reality Plus allows you to:


3D Models

Build and upload your own 3D models, or have them created and tested by our designers, according to your needs. You can review or modify them anytime you desire.


Objects View

Visualize in detail 3D models of your products to preview how they’ll appear on your e-commerce. Test their effectiveness before they come out.


User Interface

Adapt the standard user interface to your needs and match it with your brand identity.


Control Platform

Manage user access to your AR project and monitor in real time who is working on it. Add, move and delete users in one step.


and Tutorials

Give your employees an easy way to learn about AR technology thanks to in-app tutorials and customer support.


Images Database

Save time creating a database of your 3D models to have everything within your reach and to facilitate organization and sharing across teams.


Data Analytics

Set your KPIs, monitor relevant metrics and measure the growth of your business. Collect and examine your data to have them always at hand.

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In a State of Repair

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Fashion Luxury & Beauty

The Palace

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Fashion Luxury & Beauty

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