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    Companies must ensure compliance with safety standards while seeking to maximise profitability and efficiency in the workplace and in their stores.

    Today the challenge is to enforce the rules of social separation, without seeing revenues and market shares diminish. To achieve this, it is necessary to use the winning weapons of digital competitors, bringing data analysis to the physical world.
    Our solution

    The tool to create safe experiences that bring value to shops, offices, industries and social places.

    With People Analytics you can monitor compliance with health regulations and - at the same time - analyze the behaviors of employees and visitors in the workplace, in the store and anywhere else where it is necessary to enforce safety regulations, while also enhancing the overall experience of people to improve efficiency and revenues.

    Place the cameras to monitor your space and discover real time dangers, problems and opportunities.

    Find out how many people enter and stop in an area, where and how customers interact with products, and what their buying behaviour is. This way you can optimize the layout of your store and the positioning of products, improving your Customer Experience and Shelf Marketing.
    Features costumers behavior monitoring

    People Analytics for workplace efficiency and in-store behavior monitoring:


    Traffic Flows

    Analyze of store attendance over different periods, with real-time visualization of traffic flows to achieve the best possible customer experience and efficient employee management.


    Customer Engagement

    Improve engagement of your business proposal. Assortment, environment, experience, service, price; measures the ability of your stores and products to attract customer attention. Learn how intelligent space management can improve the efficiency of your employees.


    Layout Insights

    Analyze the effectiveness of your visual merchandising strategies. Help your customers find what they want and encourage purchases.


    Data Analytics

    Set your KPIs, monitor the most relevant metrics and measure the growth of your business. Collect and analyze your data quickly and easily.

    Features Safety Monitoring

    People Analytics for safety monitoring:



    Control the distance between two or more people, inside an indoor or outdoor space. People Analytics will notify you in real time that the safety distance has been exceeded, allowing you to intervene.


    Space Saturation

    Monitor the number of people present simultaneously within a space, counting the total number. People Analytics will notify you in real time that the threshold has been exceeded. You can block access yourself or by setting ad hoc rules on the solution.


    Behavior Monitoring

    Check that people behave correctly within your space: for example, People Analytics recognizes whether a mask is worn correctly or not.

    Marco Dentoni

    Contact our experts. Learn how to bring Data Analysis to the physical world

    Marco Dentoni

    Customer Success Manager
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