People Analytics


Physical stores are losing ground to online shopping: it is time to restore their primary relevance.

In such an environment where e-commerces increase market shares and benefit of technical advantages in terms of availability and timing, it is crucial for physical stores to maximize revenues among each point of sale and optimize shelf marketing investments.
Our solution

Track your customers' journey in the store and offer them personalized experiences.

AI-based Neosperience People Analytics provides you with enriched in-store analytics and actionable insights to optimize the store layout and product display along with the customer’s traffic patterns. Deliver on the promise of the next generation shopping experience, with the most powerful and efficient solution.

Thanks to Neosperience People Analytics, you can discover and measure:


Traffic Flows

The store turnout in the different periods, with real-time analysis of traffic flows for better customer experience and employee management.


Customer Engagement

The engagement capacity of your business proposal: assortment, environment, experience, service, price. Measure the ability of your stores and products to attract customers' attention.


Layout Insights

The effectiveness of your visual merchandising strategies. Help your customers find what they want and encourage larger purchases.


Data Analytics

Set your KPIs, monitor relevant metrics and measure the growth of your business. Collect and examine your data to have them always at hand.

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