Digital architectural barriers exist and complicate life for millions of people

One in four people in the European Union has a form of disability that limits their online experiences. Millions of people around the world are unable to read, listen to and view the content that companies, as well as public institutions, make available online. And the more the world and related services transform digitally, at the expense of the physical world, the more these people see their rights eroded.

Businesses and public administration must change their approach and begin to consider the needs of all visitors to their online properties.

OpenAble is the 100% Italian solution to overcome digital architectural barriers

Through OpenAble's widget, any user can adapt a website to his or her personalized accessibility needs. Through Artificial Intelligence, OpenAble helps web applications become more accessible immediately, without the need for onerous technical interventions but only by installing the widget on the site. In addition, OpenAble suggests how to intervene on existing content to make it more accessible.

Remote control and custom profiles make OpenAble unique in the market and ever closer to your visitors' needs.

Web content accessibility is, rather than just a legal obligation, an unavoidable civic obligation

As of November 2022, private entities with an average turnover of more than 500 Million Euros must adapt their websites to the regulations for website accessibility, Stanca Law. Starting in 2025, these constraints will be extended to all private entities with an average turnover of more than 2 Million Euros.

OpenAble allows companies to move ahead, immediately meeting the ambitious goals that Web sites and companies must meet to be compliant and ethically responsible with their users. OpenAble also automatically compiles an Attestation of Accessibility that complies with the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) requirements, highlighting the efforts you have made to make your online information and services available to everyone, regardless of users' physical or technological capabilities or limitations.

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