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Identify who visits your site

More than 95% of visitors leave websites without leaving contact information. Much of the traffic acquired is wasted, regardless of the budget that companies spend on ADV. Is it possible to make up for this waste of time and resources?
Our Solution

A new way to do B2B Lead Generation

The solution to this common problem is called Lead Champion Discover, the Lead Generation solution that, thanks to innovative technologies and the use of artificial intelligence, manages to get you leads and new customers even if a contact form has not been filled out.

Simply enter a simple script on your website and Lead Champion will start showing you the companies that visit your site. How? By comparing the visitor's IP address with those stored in our library, the most complete on Italian companies! In addition, thanks to the behavioral scores derived from the analysis of the browsing style, you will be able to identify the most interesting potential customers for your business.

What are the differences between Lead Champion Discover and Google Analytics?

Lead Champion Discover and Google Analytics are complementary software. Google Analytics shows you quantitative data (how many users?) while Lead Champion shows you qualitative information (which users?).

Google Analytics is geared towards analysing the performance of your website, Lead Champion is geared towards lead generation and provides you with concrete business opportunities. It allows you to discover which companies have shown real interest in your site and make your marketing and sales activities more efficient and effective.
lead champion vs analytics

What allows you to do Lead Champion Discover?


new Leads

Find new leads by leveraging traffic on your site.



Find out which aspects of your offer attract visitors.


the best customers

Acquire Leads suitable for your business and of high quality.


Improve ROI

Improve ROI by finding new customers on your web traffic.


Integrate tools
already in use

Leverage integrations to create an effective conversion funnel.



Analyze the acquisition sources that ensure the best leads.

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