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Today, people are exposed to a huge amount of images and information. To stand out, brands need to leave their mark.

Increasing the investment in online and offline advertising is not enough. It is necessary to test the effectiveness of visual campaigns before launch. Image Memorability can tell you which of your images are more powerful and memorable.
Our solution

The tool to make your brand and product images outstanding.

Using proprietary deep learning models, Neosperience Image Memorability combines quantitative and qualitative analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of images among a specific audience segment.
Discover in a few seconds the true potential of your images.

Neosperience Image Memorability provides you with valuable features:


Memorability Score

Get quantitative data to objectively measure the memorability and impact of your images in just a few seconds.


Heatmap Areas

Find out which areas of the image attract people's attention and will be remembered.
Test the effectiveness of your product images, store windows and visual campaigns.


Image Comparison

Compare up to four images at the same time to discover the most effective one and improve your campaigns.

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