Research & Development

Our vision

Our approach to product design and development is grounded on a consistent, structured framework.

It incorporates Service Design Thinking, Lean Product Management and Agile Development principles.
Through the years we accumulated knowledge in many fields where innovation is leading disruption, such as Machine and Deep Learning, Proximity Marketing, Emotional Analysis and IoT, in retail, fashion, banking and more.
Our diverse R&D team blends views from many skilled professionals to take holistic, outside-in views in business modelling, design, data science, and software architecture, shaping the future of Customer Experience with innovative products.
Our proven method

We help our customers lead innovation and stay ahead of emerging trends by combining:


Unique Approach

Although AI is already in use in thousands of companies around the world, most big opportunities have not yet been tapped.
We help organizations transform their processes and business models to take advantage of AI, overcoming bottlenecks in management, implementation, and business imagination.


Machine Learning

ML represents a fundamentally different approach to creating digital experience software for our clients: our technology learns from examples using structured feedback to solve on our clients’ problems, rather than being explicitly programmed for a particular outcome.


Human Intelligence

Blending empathy in technology means designing and implementing new combinations of technologies, human skills, and things to meet customers’ needs.
Large-scale creativity and planning is a task that machines are not very good at: here our team infuses proprietary models grounded on 100 years of cognitive, social and behavioral psychology.

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