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Neosperience Cloud lets you build a psychographic profile of your customer from the interaction with your website, app, chatbot, social media, aggregators.

Our AI proprietary models extract personality traits, lifestyle, values, attitudes, and behavior patterns.

The result: empathic experiences tailored to each individual that transform your prospects into customers for life.


Discover Neosperience Cloud

Start blending empathy in technology today, and deliver relevant experiences to your customers across all their screens and touchpoints.

Thanks to the personalization required to appeal to each person, you will be able to increase conversion, purchase, and loyalty at scale.

Most marketers have superficial relationships with customers: one-size-fits-all, undifferentiated 
narratives that lack empathy and 
do not consider that every person 
is unique and expects a personal experience with the brand.

Engagement involves emotions. Creating compelling online content and delivering it with a human touch. 
Connecting with customers
on an emotional level is essential to create relevant experiences.

Thanks to Neosperience Cloud, you can understand your customers and be more useful to them by delivering relevant experiences at scale, across all touchpoints.

The first product condensing multi-disciplinary skills: data scientists, designers, software architects, cognitive, behavioral and social psychologists, to unleash your brand’s potential.

A set of application modules to understand, engage and grow customers, establishing an empathic relationship that takes into account 
their uniqueness.

The result: empathic experiences tailored to each individual that increase conversion, purchase, 
and loyalty.

How it works



Personalization Engine

Today marketers think of Buyer Personas, but what they truly need to understand, engage and monetize customers, are "Segments of One." Neosperience Personalization Engine implements a powerful and dynamic psychological model - based on machine learning and deep learning - that extracts meaningful patterns from social media and behavioral data, builds an accurate profile of each customer, and matches it to desired purchase behaviors. Dimensions include Personality Traits (Big Five), Need for Cognitive Closure vs. Ambiguity Tolerance, Locus of Control, Need for Cognition, Need for Affect.


Context Engine

Customers expect brands to leverage the data they exchange to deliver better experiences. Customer's context understanding is crucial to driving customer benefits. Neosperience Context Engine builds a real-time model of the customers’ behavior. It detects recurring patterns of activities related to context. This includes: location, frequent locations, time of the day, day of the week, weather. Collected data allow to suggest to the customer the next best action. Or recommend the right product, at the right moment. As a result, organisations can broaden personalization programs beyond siloed channel efforts.


Digital Experience Engine

Customer interactions with the brand across all touch points produce a continuous stream of uncorrelated data to analyze and understand, delivering meaningful metrics. Neosperience Digital Experience Engine provides an abstraction layer over acquired metrics and customer behavior. It creates a synthetic yet comprehensive view of the customer, providing the organization with a dashboard of relevant information, such as NPS, Conversions, Annual Recurring Revenue, Churn, and AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue).

Further Neosperience Cloud Features



Recognize your customers, even when they are not logged in; provide an easy way to build their profile with social information linked to psychological, emotional, personality and lifestyle-related dimensions.



Detect and acquire your customer actions, behavioral trends and locations. Understand time and actions performed by every customer in real time and extract trend information. Exploits customer context to deliver utility and guide the customer into the next best interaction.



Provide superior content and flexible presentation to support brands in product showcase, creating customer engagement and winning sales. Deliver a unique and personalized experience with your brand and your product, before, during and after the sale.



Drive your customers to the closest store, be notified when they are close and transform the retail store into a digital store. Link selling and servicing systems with rewards and coupons, connected shelves, gamification (driving loyalty), both 2C and 2E (i.e. personalized store associate training) and CRM. 


Loyalty & Gamification

Engage customers and enable immediate loyalty and advocacy by incorporating game-playing techniques to benefit from people’s natural desires for achievement, status, competition, and self-expression.



Find new customers and reward established customers when they make decisions that increase revenue growth and profitability. Delight them with an immediate call to action that results in instant gratification.



Nudge your customer into action with proximity actions targeting their preferred products saved in a wishlist and synced to all customer devices, increasing your knowledge of their preferences.



Make your brand and products come alive in amazing 3D mobile apps and virtual web environments, taking advantage of virtual and augmented reality, linked to video and social networking, to increase customer engagement and sales.


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