Neosperience Health Unit

We inspire and empower people to achieve a perfect health through activity, food, treatment and mindfulness.


Your smartphone
a proxy of your health.

There is a growing demand of digital services for healthcare.
Your smartphone is not just a device. It is 
a proxy of your health.
We empower you to bring your health to the next level, improving your lifestyle with gamification strategies, leveraging social networks and communities of interest, integrated in a participatory design methodology can make the difference.

Neosperience Health makes health improvement achievable for everyone, everywhere. 




What is
Neosperience Health Unit

Based on the PEGASO experience, Neosperience Health platform is a system of engagement that applies physiological and psychological models to define the proper intervention techniques to help people adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Life is The Customer Journey.
We help people to easily access to Health in every age of life.



 Neosperience Health includes the PEGASO guidance system, whose main objective is to challenge the increase of overweight among adolescents. We promote a sustainable change towards healthy habits, with an holistic multidisciplinary approach that integrates sensors, artificial intelligence and education services based on games and rewards.


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