Neosperience Health

The innovative platform that puts the patient at the centre for a more efficient care experience.

Neosperience Health Cloud is the first platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to digitize the processes of healthcare companies. The platform offers a direct and constant connection between patients, specialists and general practitioners, nurses and caregivers, and ensures direct accessibility to information and screening processes and support for diagnosis and prognosis.
The digital transformation of health

Neosperience Health

Just in the last ten years, in Italy, the lack of digital innovation in the healthcare system has cost us €100 billion.

By saving resources, making technology more efficient and patient-friendly, we would not only save EUR 10 billion a year but would also substantially improve people's lives. And this value is priceless.

These are the prerequisites that make it necessary to intervene drastically by bringing to the world of health the vision, technologies and advanced application processes that have characterized the last twenty years of continuous innovation of Neosperience.


From the drafting of the project, to the definition of the necessary functions, everything is agreed with the client company, in order to satisfy its multiple and peculiar needs. Neosperience Health modules are fully customizable and deployable separately.


and reliability

User Experience, branding and user interface are modeled according to the needs of end users. At the end of the design, rigorous tests are carried out before delivery, as required by our quality control standards.



We are aware of the importance of protecting the privacy of end users. This is why Neosperience Health Cloud complies with and exceeds the rules of the GDPR and guarantees the highest standards of security in the collection, management and processing of data.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

A unique data analysis process

The Neosperience Health Artificial Intelligence Engine processes personal and clinical information in an integrated form, exceeding the limits of clinical data information silos. It also supports the health professional in pre-diagnosis and diagnosis, identifying patterns and correlations of a possible health problem.

Machine learning algorithms, the engine of the solution, are today one of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge technological examples on the market. Their validity has been confirmed through peer-reviewed scientific publications.
Analytical Data

Medical Data

- Radiographic plates
- Magnetic resonance
- X-ray imaging
- Blood chemistry
- Lung and heart health
- Blood pressure
- Oxygen levels
- Physical and sports performance
- Weight and BMI
- Spirometry

Psychological Data

Soft Data

- Psychological well-being
- Self-care
- Personality and attitudes
- Lifestyle
- Social welfare
- Adherence to drug therapy
- Behavior

How does Neosperience Health collect and analyze data?



Neosperience Health receives medical data and collects biometric parameters on an ongoing basis from personal devices connected to Apple HealthKit and Google Fit platforms.



Algorithms sort information into clusters, identify patterns, and improve the diagnostic process, helping correlate symptoms and etiology from medical analysis data and context information.



AI produces real-time results that can improve diagnostic and prognostic processes. The algorithms are scientifically validated by external institutes and are developed in collaboration with nationally and internationally accredited specialists.

Sofia - Personal Health Assistant

For an empathetic relationship with the patient

Sofia is the first virtual reality assistant to help practitioners and patients evolve their care pathway. Based on the Neosperience Reality Plus solution and OpenAI's GPT-3 natural language processing technology, it is now a frontier technology in the digital healthcare and personal assistant landscape. Sofia follows the individual, accompanying him in a history process and providing valid medical insights, useful for clarifying the patient's doubts.

Sofia is the Personal Health Assistant who instills empathy in the relational processes mediated by technology. Precisely for this reason, Sofia follows the patients throughout the treatment process. In addition, it helps to take care of yourself and improves relationships between patient and health care professionals. Sofia enhances the figure of the pharmacist making it a fundamental pillar of the patient's care path.

Neosperience Health's purposes



Neosperience Health is the first platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to radically improve the diagnosis of a growing range of diseases, starting with ultrasound and x-rays.



Thanks to Neosperience Health, all patients' clinical data can be collected in a single place and made accessible to different specialist doctors and support staff, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of care.


Enhance telemedicine
and specialist doctors

A wide range of functions aims to support telemedicine processes and make the work of professionals easier and more efficient. The platform offers the tools to allow quick and effective assessments that facilitate the triage of professionals.

Some projects developed with Neosperience Health

Discover the latest international projects made by Neosperience Health. For each of them, we listened to the needs of our customers and users and created a personalized and unique solution, revolutionizing the concept of the patient support.

Neosperience Health related start-ups

We believe in the unique benefits that technological innovation can bring to the health sector.

This is why we have decided to invest in a set of start-ups that, with the support of Neosperience technology and know-how, have been able to contribute in the adjacent areas of relevance to revolutionize the health sector.

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