Revolutionize your e-commerce: discover your customer's psychology

To create a valuable relationship, brands need to deepen their knowledge of their customers and offer personalized experiences. The study of psychographic traits using Artificial Intelligence tools becomes a fundamental strategy in the fashion and luxury sector.

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AI & Psychology: the perfect mix of knowledge

We live in a world where everyone differs very deeply in terms of tastes and preferences. Providing the same set of purchase options to all users means poor conversion performance.

Studies about personality are particularly useful for this purpose, especially in the fashion industry. Personality in fact strongly influences purchasing behaviour. In a digital world, which moves towards segmentation and personalisation of experience, it is now crucial to investigate the psychological aspects behind purchasing behaviours.

User Insight is the Artificial Intelligence software that comes from this very need.

Green Fashion

What role do personality traits play in "sustainable behaviors”?

Psychology insights

What makes each of us unique and how can you use this psychographic data?

Brand consciousness

Can psychology explain how people choose which brands to turn to?


Dario Melpignano

❝ At Neosperience we work to give substance to technologies that allow companies to be increasingly empathetic and close to their customers. Among these, User Insight is an innovative tool for visionary marketers who have understood the importance of discovering what makes each customer unique, to be more useful to them, while creating more value for them and more value for the company.❞


Discover User Insight: Artificial Intelligence software based on your customers' psychology

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