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4 Ways You Can Engage Your Audience with Augmented Reality


A number of brands, CPG manufacturers and companies in various industries have started using augmented reality (AR) to enhance their digital customer experience.

Since hype about AR faded in the past years, now it’s time for AR to provide truly effective business benefits.

Typical uses of AR bridge the digital and physical customer experience:

  • Augmenting real-world objects, such as products when the customer is at the point of sale.
  • Discovering places or things in the customer’s vicinity and showing directions.
  • Providing additional information about a product of interest, offering branded information overlays.
  • Combining physical campaigns with branded digital assets.

From whatever angle you look at it, user experience design applied to AR is critical to guide customers through interaction processes and leads to conversion.

With the help of AR, brands can provide useful information and tips based on the context of use of their products with an unprecedented impact.

And while you can keep it simple, don’t underestimate how AR applied to your business requires deep knowledge of human computer-interaction, as well as human body and brain functioning.

Shape your company AR strategy so that your customers don’t need to get out of their comfort zones and adopt unnatural behaviors, take advantage of readily available products like Neosperience Gamification, Product Discoverer or Place Explorer, and dive in the biggest blue ocean today: the internet of your customers!

Think the Store is Dead? Save It Now!


Within the end of this decade, we’re going to see a total integration of the customer experience across physical and digital channels. Already, the customer decision journey has been completely reshaped by the advent of the web, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Smartphone users are showing a +20% strong growth though slowing (who in US and Europe doesn’t have one?) and fastest growth is shown in under-penetrated markets like China, India, Brazil, Indonesia. 5,5B devices in just a few years, compared to 5.2B televisions, sounds incredible.

But as each new computing cycle typically generates 10x of the installed base of the previous cycle, we can expect the Internet of everything have an even wider impact.

CPG manufacturers and retailers need to take customer engagement to the next level, by delivering upon a fundamental need for better and useful customer-facing apps. easy to understand, easy to use, and integrated with CRM and marketing processes.

They need to engage the customer where she walks, when she stops, through what she touches, acting upon how long she looks and whether she buys.

Only stores can traditionally offer physical sensations and social interaction. And digitally empowered stores can engage with customers in a whole new way, deliver the right message on their smartphone, based on their context, location and micro-location, profile, social behavior, relationships and buying intentions.

Stay tuned on

Livin’ The Dream of a New Digital Customer Experience at Apple WWDC


Apple has become a driving force in the enterprise Digital Customer Experience space. Its success in the mobile consumer market has triggered demand to use customer-facing Apps to connect people with brands and products in a number of industries.

For this reason it has become essential for you to connect with customers in a whole new way and meet their expectations to change hearts, minds and actions.

  • Your customers want an experience, not a product.
  • They want to be engaged and share their experience in real-time with other people and receive feedback.
  • They want to be provided with a real-time, connected global marketplace — in which they can interact with other people and you — with any of their devices, starting from smartphone and tablet.

So what are your bets on how Apple is evolving it’s hardware and software ecosystem to improve your digital customer experience and help you better engage with your customers to extend your brand, increase conversions and improve their overall experience.

iOS 8 with Healthbook? OS X 10.10? iWatch or revamped Apple TV? Home Automation Platform?

You bet you are going to know in a few hours!

Post Update: Apple iOS 8 and the Instant Future of Your Digital Customer Experience

Apple iOS 8 and the Instant Future of Your Digital Customer Experience


iOS 8, the next major version of Apple's mobile operating system, was unveiled yesterday at the company's WWDC 2014 keynote. It refines the new look of iOS 7, but, more importantly, it delivers new features that will have a profound impact on the digital customer experience that you can deliver to your customers through customer-facing apps.

Among the most notable features and technologies that can help your organization engage with your customers more effectively:

  • iOS 8 Notifications will be customizable and actionable, allowing your customer to instantly respond to a notification with embedded controls. By pulling down on a notification banner in iOS 8, they will get an extended interface with a text field to quickly reply to a message, such as a promotion when they are close to the point of sale. Interactive notifications are also available on the Lock screen and digital customer experience apps will be able to deliver them more effectively than ever.
  • A big feature of OS X Yosemite, also presented, and iOS 8, is Continuity. It isn't a new app but rather a set of tools that will help customers achieve a consistent and continuous experience when using multiple devices and switching from an iOS device to a Mac and vice versa.
    Imagine the possibilities: your customer can start browsing your products on your iPhone and pick up where she left off when she sits down at her Mac. Or browse the web on her Mac and continue from the same link on her iPad, to receive a notification when she is close to your point of sale.
  • With HealthKit, a new developer technology, third-party apps will access each other's health and fitness data. With HomeKit the iPhone becomes pivotal to the connected home, offering a common network protocol to let apps control locks, lights, cameras, plugs, switches.
  • Coming to the App Store, now counting over 1.2 million apps, iOS 8 brings important changes aimed at enhancing app discoverability, search, marketing strategies, and purchase mechanisms, including the possibility to embed short videos to advertise your app more effectively.

Can’t wait to see Neosperience Summer ’14 integrating these gorgeous features for our clients!

How To Get Your Product In Your Customer’s Mind


But it makes all the difference in customer satisfaction.

It’s not the product! Customers are the single most important factor in the success or failure of your company. It’s how your customer feels when discovers, uses and remembers your brand and product.

You have to optimize everything that affects the customer’s disposition while deciding to buy, as 80% of customers engage with brands and products through their smartphone or tablet.

  • Start today analyzing your customer experience
  • Identify your “Experiential Value Promise”: what the customer will get out of the product or service. Nike’s EVP is highly engineered sportswear for performance. Puma’s EVP is fashion and lifestyle
  • Map your customer journey across all touch points
  • Design all your digital marketing strategy around the customer experience
  • Choose the right digital customer experience platform to align all of your customer contacts to present a unified experience, thinking mobile-first

And do innovate — your customers are always looking for something new: Now, For them, Their way, and Easy. Learn more:

Neosperience Spring ’14 presented @The Mobile Show Middle East 2014 keynote


Neosperience innovation and new technology presented today at Dubai Mobile Show 2014 to help Middle East businesses and government and learn in a packed two days of inspiration, education and networking:

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