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Neosperience in a nutshell

Neosperience is an innovative SME listed on Euronext Growth Milan that operates as a software vendor in artificial intelligence for digital customer experience and operational processes. Recently named by Gartner among the world’s six most innovative software vendors, together with Adobe, Salesforce and SAS, Neosperience was founded in Brescia in 2006 by Dario Melpignano and Luigi Linotto, respectively, President and Executive Vice President. The Company focuses on Artificial Intelligence technology and applications with Neosperience Cloud: a proprietary software platform that allows companies to use AI to innovate business and operating models and improve the customer experience to increase revenues and margins. Neosperience's 800+ clients include leading companies in the fashion, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services sectors.

Over € 16 million invested in the development of the Neosperience Cloud platform and Solutions.

Since the launch of the platform in 2016, the turnover of the Neosperience group has grown sharply: CAGR 2017/2022 equal to 32%. The consolidated turnover in 2022 was €21.0 ml. EBITDA 2022 was €6.4 ml (31% of turnover).

Offices in Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Torino, Bassano del Grappa, Rende, Verona and Bologna and about 200 employees between employees and collaborators.

Total Revenues, Sales, EBITDA from 2017 to 2022

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Total Revenues, Sales, EBITDA half-yearly from 1h2018 to 1h2022

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SDIR e Storage

For the transmission of Regulated Information, the Company uses the eMarket SDIR dissemination system managed by Spafid Connect SpA, based in Foro Buonaparte 10, Milan.

Financial instruments

ORDINARY SHARES: 20.783.322 after 2:1 stock split, effective since 13/6/2022

Minimum trading lot: 1000

Share Capital (updated 09/06/2023)

The subscribed and paid-up share capital of Neosperience SpA is equal to Euro 1.039.166,10 and is divided into 20.783.322 Ordinary Shares without the indication of the nominal value.

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Neosperience SpA

Current shareholders structure (09/06/2023).

Shareholder Number of shares % of share capital
Neos S.r.l. (a) 6.593.680 31,73%
Floating 9.673.742 46,55%
Management 3.600.000 17,32%
MI Chelverton European Select Fund 900.000 4,33%
Treasury Stock 15.900 0,08%
TOTAL 20.783.322 100%

(a) Company 50% owned by Dario Melpignano, 24.81% by Luigi Linotto and 25.19% by Matteo Linotto.

Disclosure Obligations of Significant Shareholders

Pursuant to the AIM Italia Regulation, anyone who holds at least 5% of a category of financial instruments of V Neosperience S.p.A. is a "Significant Shareholder".

Exceeding the 5% threshold and reaching or exceeding the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 50%, 66.6%, and 90% constitute a "Substantial Change" that must be communicated by the Significant Shareholders of Neosperience S.p.A.

To this end, within 4 trading days, starting from the day on which the transaction that led to the Substantial Change was carried out, the Significant Shareholder must communicate to Neosperience S.p.A.:
1. The identity of the Significant Shareholders involved;
2. The date on which Neosperience S.p.A. was informed;
3. The date on which the Substantial Change in equity investments occurred;
4. The price, amount and category of the Neosperience S.p.A. financial instruments involved;
5. The nature of the transaction;
6. The nature and extent of the participation of the Significant Shareholder in the transaction;
7. Where the communication concerns a financial product whose value, in whole or in part, is determined directly or indirectly, in relation to the price of the Neosperience financial instruments involved, detailed information on the nature of such exposures.

The communication must be made using the attached form, anticipated by e-mail to the address IR@neosperience.com and then to the address bdoneos@legalmail.it or in original by registered mail to: Neosperience S.p.A. – Via Orzinuovi 20, 25125 Brescia.

Significant Shareholder Communication Form